What to Do With That Old Mattress of Yours
What to Do With That Old Mattress of Yours
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What to Do With That Old Mattress of Yours

What to Do With That Old Mattress of Yours

Think about the last time you changed your mattress. Did you have a flip phone? Was there a different President in the White House? The Better Sleep Council suggested evaluating your mattress every 5-7 years. Sometimes, your body will tell you when it’s time to get a new one, while other factors like sagging or lumpiness can also be an issue, not to mention dirt buildup and allergens. Still, a lot of people don’t know what to do with their used mattresses besides throwing it away. Here are a few tips.

Repurpose Your Mattress


Just because a mattress may be too worn for daily use doesn’t mean it’s useless. An older mattress could be used in a guest room, being used on occasion and effectively giving it a much longer lifespan. On the floor in a playroom it acts as a soft, safe place for kids to lounge and play on. With a weather-resistant cover it can be converted and used as piece of outdoor furniture (maybe even a day bed). If you’re really creative, there’s several ways to use the deconstructed parts of a mattress as part of an arts project or to make complete unrelated items, like a wine rack out of bed springs.

Recycle Your Mattress


If you no longer have a use or space for your old mattress, give it away to someone who could use it. Another way to recycle, offer it as a donation to a local non-profit or homeless shelter. Many traditional spring mattresses can be made up of almost 95% recyclable materials while more modern memory foam mattresses are completely recyclable. However, a lot of folks still send their mattresses to landfills. Check out Earth911.com, which will help you find a facility that accepts mattresses for recycling.

Extend the Life of Your Mattres


Maybe a new mattress would be nice, but you don’t necessarily need one right now. Sometimes it’s the cost that’s a big factor, or it’s the inconvenience of mattress shopping/delivery or the hassle of getting rid of your old one. Often, it’s just hard to find a mattress you like as much as your old one, in which case you can extend the life of your mattress. One way is to make sure to flip your mattress about every three months; if it’s a ‘no-flip’ variety, just rotate it. Protective covers can minimize the dirt-build up and can help protect against stains; to truly freshen up your old mattress though, get it professionally cleaned. Lastly, mattress toppers, like SensorGel’s can really extend the life of a mattress, offering a luxury feel without the ridiculously high price tag. 

When you get unhappy with your mattress, know that there are alternatives to throwing it away. You can repurpose it around your house, recycle it, or put a little money into it to extend its life for a couple years. Still, make sure to evaluate your mattress every five to seven years, and make sure you get a quality night’s rest.