What Pillow Profile is Best for my Sleeping Position? - SensorGel
What Pillow Profile is Best for my Sleeping Position? - SensorGel
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What Pillow Profile is Best for my Sleeping Position?

What Pillow Profile is Best for my Sleeping Position?

Pillows come in many different materials, styles, and profiles these days, and you may just be sleeping on a pillow that’s not ideal for your sleeping position. It is important for you to choose the best pillow for your sleep position so that you get the optimal quality and quantity of sleep that you need to benefit your overall physical and mental well-being. Pillows are important in maintaining our spinal alignment while we sleep. One aspect that may be overlooked when purchasing pillows is the pillow’s profile. You may be questioning what a “profile” is regarding a pillow. In the bedding industry, profile denote’s the pillow’s thickness. This term can apply to either memory foam or traditional fiber-filled pillows. Continue reading for more information about which pillow profile is right for your sleeping position.

Stomach Sleepers

Perhaps surprisingly, stomach sleepers are more prevalent than back sleepers! Not as surprising is the fact that sleeping on one’s stomach can be difficult on the body due to neck and head alignment while you slumber. Stomach sleepers benefit from a low profile pillow. These pillows are sometimes referred to as “low loft” pillows. This means either a firm memory foam pillow that is not overly thick or a lightly filled fiber pillow. Any pillow that is too thick can cause neck and spine discomfort in stomach sleepers because of adding pressure to the head, neck, shoulders, and back from propping one’s head up too high. It is recommended that stomach sleepers opt for pillows that allow their heads to be propped up no more than one inch off the mattress for optimal comfort and alignment.

Back Sleepers

Those that tend to sleep on their backs only make up 10 percent of the overall population. Back sleepers have a little more flexibility in their pillow choices as compared to their side- and stomach-sleeping counterparts. Sleeping on your back can help improve circulation and maintain proper spinal alignment to prevent pain and discomfort. Back sleepers benefit from pillows that are pretty firm, and the ideal profile of the pillow is between low and medium loft. Back sleepers may enjoy memory foam pillows that contour to their heads and necks for optimal pressure relief.

Side Sleepers

The majority of the population sleeps on their sides. Side sleeping inherently causes the head to rest significantly higher than the mattress. While side sleeping isn’t bad for you, it can add pressure to joints if you don’t choose the best pillow for you. To gain optimal support with your head being so high above the mattress, high loft, or pillows with the highest profile, are generally recommended. Pillows should fill the space between your neck and shoulder comfortably to provide pressure relief.

No matter your default sleeping position, it is important to choose a pillow that is comfortable and is best for your unique sleep needs. As you consider the material, firmness, and style of your pillows, make sure to pay attention to the profile of the pillow, too, and match it to your sleep position for best results.