Top 5 Sleep Trends for 2018 - SensorGel
Top 5 Sleep Trends for 2018 - SensorGel
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Top 5 Sleep Trends for 2018

Top 5 Sleep Trends for 2018

Tired people have been searching for the secrets of refreshing sleep for centuries, but there’s always a new batch of sleep trends to experiment with as each new year dawns. This year, there are plenty of developments in sleep trends and mattress technology to look forward to. Make the most of your sleep by being an early adopter of at least one of these five projected sleep trends for 2018.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The surface of the mattress itself plays a surprising role in your comfort levels during sleep, and therefore controls how rested you feel in the morning. A gel-infused surface, whether it’s a layer built into a mattress or a topper you place on top of your current mattress, provides a cooling effect in the summer and keeps you warmer in the winter. With pillows also available from SensorGel among these other products, you can create an entire bed set that regulates your temperature for better sleep all year round.

Smart Bedding Apps

Technologies and apps that track your sleep cycles and wake you at the right moments allow you to enjoy deeper sleep and less fatigue during the waking process. Sleep fatigue often occurs when you’re woken during a deep REM cycle. These smart sleep technologies track your movements and other vital signs to predict which type of sleep you’re experiencing, then chooses to wake you during a period of light sleep instead. You’ll find it easier to get up earlier without feeling tired, keeping your sleep schedule even.

Mattresses in a Box

The convenience of the mattress in a box product, like SensorGel mattresses, has led to the prediction of the trend reaching its peak in 2018. While these kinds of mattresses have been available for a few years now, improvements in design, packaging, warranty terms and trial periods have increased their reputation recently. It’s easy to find any size of mattress you need and receive in a highly compacted form. The package is delivered directly to your door in a bundle you can actually carry by yourself or with a friend’s help. You simply let the unpacked mattress rest for a few hours to return to its normal shape and height.


While it’s becoming more popular to have your mattress track your sleep cycles for you, the act of tracking and checking your sleep statistics yourself is actually dropping in popularity. Instead, the new trend of 2018 is to ignore concrete sleep tracking like recording the exact hours or using advanced sensors to analyze your sleep habits. People are turning back to a more natural and intuitive plan for sleeping, with weekends detected to extra sleep to catch up on what’s lost during the work week.

Foods that Encourage Good Sleep

It’s not surprising that there’s a renewed interest in the dietary side of sleep science as concerns rise about food in general. Aside from avoiding the usual irritants, like spicy foods and rich desserts, you can eat some snacks to actually encourage your body to rest. Oatmeal is a natural source of melatonin, while a low sugar cereal paired with milk is recommended by nutritionists as a sleep aid. Some nuts, such as pistachios, also contain compounds that may aid with sleep, especially when paired with fruits like dried cherries.

Start with a better mattress or a topper for your bed. SensorGel has all the products you need to embrace the best sleep trends for 2018.