Top 5 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base - SensorGel
Top 5 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base - SensorGel
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Top 5 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Top 5 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Adjustable bases are foundations that sit under memory foam mattresses that elevate the upper and/or lower portions of the body. Bases are adjusted using motors controlled most often by wireless remotes to customize comfort and wellness. There are multiple health benefits of sleeping with an adjustable power base, from enhancing circulation to helping individuals fall and stay asleep. No matter how old you are or how you are currently sleeping, an adjustable base can help improve your health in the short-term and long-term as well as the quality of your sleep. Check out these ways that sleeping on an adjustable base can benefit you:

Alleviate Back and Joint Pain

Over half of the American adult population experiences back pain each year, and back pain accounts for up to 264 million lost days of work each year. Back pain is an epidemic that, in some cases, can be prevented and alleviated with a supportive sleeping environment. Adjustable bases help alleviate back pain by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve as the legs and head are elevated. Additionally, elevating the head 45 degrees reduces strain on the neck and relieves compression to reduce back pain. For those that experience joint pain or stiffness in the morning, fine-tuning a sleep position using the functions of the adjustable base can help reduce inflammation and pain by cutting down on pressure to joints.

Reduce Effects of Acid Reflux and Heartburn

An adjustable base is a tool that can help reduce the harmful effects of acid reflux and heartburn. Those with acid reflux often experience worsening of symptoms when laying flat, as food, stomach acid, and drink can more easily leak into the esophagus. When the head is elevated at least 6 inches, the chance of matter leaking into the esophagus is reduced, thus reducing the risk of difficulty getting to or staying asleep due to discomfort.

Improve Digestion

Similar to those experiencing acid reflux, laying flat can impede digestion that we all experience overnight. Elevating one’s head at least 6 inches has been linked to increased ease indigestion and a reduction in difficulty sleeping due to stomach aches and pains.

Enhance Circulation

Reducing pressure on one’s body during sleep through the use of an adjustable base helps increase blood flow to the heart and organs. Increasing blood flow and enhancing circulation ups one’s oxygen saturation and helps flush out toxins that can build up over time. Keeping your circulation at a high level overnight enhances the quality of sleep you get. Individuals who are more at risk for leg swelling, including pregnant women, can benefit especially from improving circulation to the legs by raising the foot of the bed during sleep. Elevating the legs can reduce the risk for swelling, pain, and inflammation throughout the day and night.

Assistance for Mobility

For those that experience mobility issues, getting a good night’s sleep can mean more mobility and productivity in the morning. Additionally, being able to raise the head of the bed can assist those with mobility needs in making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Using an adjustable base allows for a customized degree of elevation for the head and foot of the bed and is better for the body than piling up pillows to lay on, which often adds pressure to the neck and back and does not allow the spine to relax at a neutral angle. No matter one’s age or needs, for optimal sleep and a myriad of health benefits, sleeping on an adjustable power base is the way to go!