Top 5 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses - SensorGel
Top 5 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses - SensorGel
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Top 5 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Top 5 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Days seem to pass by in a blur when you’re running on a half-empty tank. Reduced sleep can have an enormous impact on everything from mood to productivity. Sometimes trouble sleeping is attributable to insomnia, but often it’s the result of sheer discomfort. The memory foam mattress, then, may well be the cure-all that so many need to enjoy a better night’s sleep. What is it about this humble product that makes it such a standout in comparison to other mattresses? Consider these benefits of memory foam mattresses.

1. Improved Support

It’s not unusual to experience back pain as a result of an uncomfortable mattress. Usually, this happens because innerspring mattresses can’t provide even support to every area of the body. By contrast, memory foam supports the whole body so that even your curves—those areas that don’t naturally make contact with the mattress—receive support. Foam is uniquely able to contour every inch of the body, thereby creating a more comfortable sleeping experience.

2. Pain Relief

Individuals with chronic pain understand just how much it affects the quality of life. Memory foam mattresses can greatly improve all kinds of body aches, especially in those areas where traditional mattresses may actually create more discomfort. Memory foam doesn’t put pressure on the body—on the contrary, it relieves that stress. The result is less pain overall.

3. Couple Friendly

Though it’s a joy to sleep next to your beloved, it can also be irritating if your significant other happens to move around often. The beauty of a memory foam mattress is that it doesn’t transfer motions. This means that if your bedmate happens to toss and turn frequently, you won’t wake with a start wondering why your bed is shaking so much. Foam absorbs those movements and affords you a more restful night.

4. Temperature Regulation

SensorGEL memory foam mattresses are constructed using the iCOOL Technology System, which is responsible for providing a more comfortable sleep. The foam itself is gel infused for cooling and features an open-cell construction that ensures breathability. This improved ventilation encourages better airflow. Even the cover is constructed from a specially knit fabric that promotes oxygenation and prevents overheating.

5. Allergy Resistance

You don’t have to spend your time worrying about allergens affecting your memory foam mattress. The material is dense enough that dust mites can’t quite comfortably burrow in the material. Other mattresses, such as those that contain fiberfill, provide a more hospitable environment for those and other allergens to make themselves at home. As a result, those with indoor allergies may experience reduced symptoms.

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