10 Movies to Snuggle Up To
10 Movies to Snuggle Up To
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10 Movies to Snuggle Up To

10 Movies to Snuggle Up To


Do you ever feel like not going out? On such nights, relaxing in bed snuggling up to your favorite person (or your favorite pint of ice cream) with a good movie sounds miles better than going to a crowded bar. If you’re not sure what dvd, blu ray, or movie to stream, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 movies that are our favorites to snuggle up to, in no real particular order.

1.  The Notebook


We couldn’t make this list without including this Nicolas Sparks’ tearjerker. Also, Ryan Gosling is in it, and just about every movie with him in it makes for a good late night movie sesh.

2. Jerry Maguire


“Show me the money” is one of the most infamous lines in movie history. Also, this movie, like many you’ll find on this list, hits that nostalgia feeling that makes it great feel good movie before bed.

3.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith


For a bit of more modern, attitude filled cuddle up film, look no further that Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with Brangelina in all of their glory, in the movie that fueled their real life marriage that is the envy of most couples.

4. Hitch


Really, in our opinion, one of the most underrated rom coms to ever grace a screen, maybe because it’s still relatively recent film, although its incredibly already ten years old. Will Smith is also generally a safe bet to be a happy medium, women like him and men feel like watching his films don’t sacrifice their masculinity.

5. Notting Hill


Still chugging along on the nostalgia train here, plus we’d be remised if we didn’t include a Julia Roberts movie on this list. For that matter, this spot could’ve easily gone to Pretty Woman, we guess it just depends on if you prefer Hugh Grant or Richard Gere; this time at least, we’ll go with the former.



For the foodies out there, this one’s for you. This is technically a romantic comedy, although the thing we love most about it is director-actor Jon Favreau’s cuban sandwiches. It’s also one of the newer movies on this list, in case you don’t feel like reviewing one of the classics above. A plus, it’s currently streaming on Netflix, a long with several other films noted on here.

7. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist


Often forgotten, this indie film is an adorable movie that appeals to a slightly younger demographic. The movie plays out over one night, where two strangers come together in search of a secret concert, and end up on an adventure throughout NYC. Also, chances are, you haven’t seen this film, so you’re welcome in advance for recommending it.

8. Paranormal Activity


Who needs two hours of a mushy love story? For those more into the horror genre, Paranormal Activity will be sure to get you hiding under the covers and your heart racing. It’s one of the scariest movies in recent memory, in part because it’s filmed in the “found footage” style in a couples’ home, making it kind of believable, and almost impossible to watch alone.

9. 500 Days of Summer


This movie is one of the most unique romantic comedies ever made; it’s not your average cinematic love story, and that’s what makes it a great change of pace from the other ‘lovey dove’ titles on the list. Add in the indie feel, and the quirky tandem of Joseph Gordon Levitt and everyone’s favorite ‘New Girl’ Zoey Deschanel, and you’ve got a winner.

10. Die Hard


Surprised? If you’re looking for more action, we’re still talking about the movie here, then go big or go home (although you’re probably already home). Widely regarded as one of the best action movies of all time, a night in is perfect for  re-watching this classic; if you haven’t seen it yet, well shame on you, but you’re in for a treat. Also, we needed to include at least one movie strictly for the guys.


We know, there’s a lot of films and genres we missed, these were just 10 movies that are top of mind. If you’ve got a go to movie that you watch over and over on a night in, share them with us below. We’ll probably do a second list, and soon provide enough films to entertain you for days while you go through pints of mint chocolate chip.