The Importance of Clean and Fresh Bedding in Your Home - SensorGel
The Importance of Clean and Fresh Bedding in Your Home - SensorGel
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The Importance of Clean and Fresh Bedding in Your Home

The Importance of Clean and Fresh Bedding in Your Home

Right now, we are living in a time of uncertainty and change. When life eventually goes back to normal, it will be a new normal. People will be more conscious of the germs that are brought into their homes. More steps and precautions will be made to keep yourself and your family safe. It is hard to control this in the outside world, but you can control what is in your home. Since everyone is spending more time in their homes, this is the perfect time to make some small improvements. Life may not seem normal for a while, but now is your chance to make some changes in your life and home that will make you feel safe and clean.

What is antimicrobial bedding and why is it important?

Antimicrobial products are important now more than ever—but what are they? Antimicrobial agents destroy and protect against the growth of microorganisms. This includes viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Antimicrobial properties also improve air quality and control odors, leading to a cleaner, fresher environment. The life of an antimicrobial product may also be extended due to the reduced need for laundering.

Clean and Fresh Products

There is an extensive amount of antimicrobial bedding products on the market. Fiber bed pillows and bed toppers with an antimicrobial fill are a great way to treat yourself to some fresh updated bedding. Antimicrobial mattress pads, mattress protectors, and pillow protectors are all small updates you can make to improve your bedding and sleep quality.

Other wellness products to improve your home

There are many other products on the market to improve your home and quality of sleep. Scent-infused fiber pillows such as aloe, lavender, vitamin E, and fresh linen all promote a better night’s sleep. Scent-infused pillows are also offered in memory foam if that option is preferred. Aloe, lavender, fresh linen, and frankincense are all great options. All of these aromas provide benefits, such as antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, and they promote relaxation for a better sleep experience.

Weighted blankets are another great way to improve your sleep. Weighted blankets are known to promote soothing relaxation by providing steady, soft pressure against the body. They are a great tool to relieve stress.  An evenly filled insert of glass beads and fiber aids in total body relaxation. A removable cover easily zips off for laundering and lasting freshness.

In a time of uncertainty and feeling like you have no control over your life, there ARE little ways to take that control back and feel safe and healthy in your home. Making some of these small changes in your home will have a lasting effect on your sleep, health, and well-being.