Ten Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer - SensorGel Content Hub
Ten Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer - SensorGel Content Hub
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Ten Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer

Ten Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer


Everyone’s favorite season, yes that’s right, SUMMER, is just one week away. While it sounds like a lot of fun, it also means you’ve gotta beat the heat. No worries though, because our job at SensorGEL is to always stay cool, and we’ve got ten pointers to help you sleep cool during those warm summer nights without A/C.


Don’t Forget Your Fans

No, not the ones on social media, but rather the one on your ceiling, or the ones you plug into the wall. Getting a fan going with some open windows will cause a nice breeze, plus it’ll save you a little cash by not having the A/C on all night.


Consider Your Sheets

You won’t sleep great if you’re still using the comforter from winter or whatever you were using during those crisp spring nights. Thin flat sheets usually do the trick on the warmest of nights, or you can get downright fancy with something breathable like Egyptian cotton or linen.


Reposition Your Bed

Is your bed in the right spot to catch the perfect breeze, or near the window where it’s a tad cooler? If not, you may want to relocate it to take advantage of those places. Just don’t forget to not mess up your Feng Shui.


Dress Accordingly

Put those long holiday pajamas in the garage along with the rest of your winter clothing. Old gym shorts or DIY cut offs should work well. Also, if you’re accustomed to sleeping with socks on, remember that a lot of heat gets stored in your feet at night; socks only keep the heat in.


Reevaluate Your Pillow

Where are you laying your head, literally? If you’ve got an older memory foam pillow, it might be causing you to sleep hot. Also, the pillowcase may be the culprit. One way to combat this is with one of our many gel-infused pillows, including pillows designed specifically for back, side, and stomach sleepers.


Stay Hydrated

Are you getting your daily minimum of eight glasses of water a day? No, a glass of white wine doesn’t count. Dehydration can cause you to overheat, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and keep one by your bedside too.


Reevaluate Your Mattress

Your mattress could also be causing you to sleep hot. Older foam mattresses and others with poor ventilation traps your body heat, making you sweat more easily. If you aren’t due for a new mattress yet, our cooling gel toppers might be just what you need; if you do need a new mattress, our new collection offers a comfortable mattress with the same cooling technology as our toppers.


Be a Party of One

Sleeping with a spouse or partner can also bump up the temperature from all that body heat. Sleeping alone will help everyone feel cooler overnight. Cuddling may be cute, but not when it causes desert-like conditions.


Hit the Showers

There’s nothing like a relaxing shower just before bed. While you may like it hot, your body might thank you for taking a cold shower; it’s the ultimate way to cool of. You’ll feel so relaxed, you might ever fall asleep quicker.


Use Your Freezer

It’s not just for storing food. You can put your sheets in a bag in the freezer for a few minutes for crisp, cool sheets once you use them in bed. Another option is to use an ice pack to get your body temp down before you go to sleep. Also, if you want to be really creative, you can use ice cubes in a bowl placed in front of a table fan. The fan will pick up the cool air and send it your way.


If you follow some of these steps, you’ll be sure to have a cooler, hopefully more relaxing night’s sleep. If there’s any way that you sleep cool that you didn’t see on this list, we’d love to hear from you.