Sleeping Tips When You're Away for the Holidays: Part I
Sleeping Tips When You're Away for the Holidays: Part I
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Sleeping Tips When You’re Away for the Holidays: Part I

Sleeping Tips When You’re Away for the Holidays: Part I

We’re quickly approaching the thick of the Holiday season. When we think of this time of year, the things that come to mind are usually family, friends, food, festivities, and gifts, but another thing that people need to think of is travel. This year, AAA projects more than 42 million Americans to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday, and more than double that during the last week of December. This translates to a lot of people on the interstates and in planes, away from their homes and away from their beds.

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While people enjoy spending this time with their loved ones, they probably don’t enjoy being away from the comforts of their own home. Here are 4 sleep tips for when you’re away for the holidays.

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  1. If you plan on flying, choose your seat wisely. You’ll more than likely want a window seat; this way, you’ll have control over the window shade. Also, it’ll gives you something to lean on, rather than a possible stranger if you were sitting in another seat. Don’t forget the travel neck pillow, a must if you’re a frequent flyer. If legroom and quick access to the restroom is a priority, opt for an aisle seat; just don’t get stuck in the middle.[separator size =”20″]
  2. If  you’re staying at a hotel, check reviews and have your expectations meet their star rating. If you’re staying at a Ritz-Carlton, they’ll be at your beck and call, bringing you as many pillow and comforters as you request. However, if you’re staying at a more budget-friendly option, like a discount motel, be prepared to not have the finest of amenities. The pillows may be flat and the sheets too thin/thick. It’s better to be safe than sorry, bring your own pillow and blankets if you can.[separator size =”20″]
  3. If it’s an essential at home, it should be an essential while away. Whether you’re on a plane, car, train, or at your favorite aunt Jenny’s house, bring whatever you need to make yourself feel comfortable. This can go beyond a pillow or a blanket; maybe you have a pair of slippers you always wear at night, or a certain pillowcase that you regularly sleep with. If it fits in your luggage, you should bring it.[separator size =”20″]
  4. If you need to, block everything out. Some people may be really sensitive to light when they sleep. Bring a sleep mask, especially if you’re traveling during the day, or somewhere where there’s flickering lights. If sound is an issue, earplugs are good to use. You could even take this up a notch and listen to calming music, or even download a white noise app to block out external noise.[separator size =”30″]

The holidays and traveling aren’t synonymous with getting enough rest. When you do get some time for rest and relaxation, make the most of it and have what you need to sleep tight, and make being away for the holidays actually feel like a holiday.