Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress - SensorGel Blog
Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress - SensorGel Blog
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Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress

Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress

Our beds are great. We sleep in them, lazily binge watch shows in them, eat in them, and often get intimate in them. But how does having a memory foam mattress over an innerspring mattress differ when it comes down to getting down to business. Here’s how sex on a memory foam mattress may be different.


While that old mattress of yours might squeak like heck, that’s something you won’t have to worry about with a memory foam mattress. There are no springs, which is the cause of all that noise , so you won’t be waking up the kids, or any neighbors.


A memory foam mattress contours to your body, allowing a variety of positions without pain or discomfort. Since there are no pressure points, it provides gentle support in whatever Kama Sutra pose you assume. Also, who doesn’t want a comfortable bed? You don’t want anything to dampen your chances.


Memory foam mattresses last a long time (take that how you will). Repeated use for whatever activity you do on your mattress won’t break it down as fast as a traditional mattress.


While traditional spring mattresses bounce back when pushed upon, memory foam mattresses offer virtually no bounce-back whatsoever. Are you tired of feeling like you’re doing the business in a bouncy house? A memory foam mattress might be more your speed.

You’ll really never know though, until you try. Go ahead, and get back to us. On second thought, don’t; just enjoy your private life and your amazing memory foam mattress.