SensorGel vs. MyPillow - SensorGel
SensorGel vs. MyPillow - SensorGel
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SensorGel vs. MyPillow

SensorGel vs. MyPillow

MyPillow infomercials have been everywhere- including being broadcasted as many as ten times per day on Fox Network. With that type of exposure, it is likely that you have at least heard of my pillow and potentially even looked into purchasing a pillow that bills itself as “the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own.” Who wouldn’t be at least a little curious? How does MyPillow stack up against pillows you can buy anywhere else? In this post, we’ll be looking at the key differences that exist between the infomerical-glorified MyPillow and the SensorGel line of pillows that are available exclusively at Macy’s, one of the largest department stores in the country.

Differences in Pillow Choices

MyPillow is made of open-cell poly-foam, which is most similar to crushed memory foam pillows on the market. The MyPillow is available in two choices: a standard, which offers two layers of foam, and a premium, which offers four layers. SensorGel is not only available in one distinct composition and instead offers a rather diverse product line of pillows with varying features. SensorGel pillows may be filled with memory foam, fiber, or a hybrid combination. Also, SensorGel offers pillows in standard and king sizes as well as offering a wedge pillow shape. Because of the diversity in pillows offered, SensorGel allows for more sleeper customization and makes it more likely that consumers will find a pillow that matches their unique needs and preferences.

Technology is Key

MyPillow does offer a patented technology utilizing open-core poly-foam, but, as mentioned above, product offerings do not go beyond that single technology. Contrastingly, SensorGel is an innovator in sleep and pillow technologies. SensorGel pillows are outfitted with a host of technologies that allow sleepers to sleep more coolly through the night including the iCOOL Technology System, COOLclothCoolFusion, and advanced gel memory foam.

Cost to Consumers

The standard MyPillow pillow retails anywhere from around $40 to $50. On the official MyPillow website, a buy one get one free offer allows consumers to get two of the standard pillows for $79.98, while one premium MyPillow will cost you the same. SensorGel pillows range in price but offer enhanced technology and high quality materials. On Macy’s website, SensorGel pillows start at $30, and many of the more expensive pillows run on sale for a lesser or comparable price to the MyPillow.


While MyPillow offers a 60 night money back guarantee, cost to return is high, sticking consumers with the shipping and handling prices for the first MyPillow and any additional later exchanges. SensorGel offers a higher commitment to customer satisfaction. Everyone gets tired of constantly replacing pillows, but with high quality, long-lasting pillows like those made by SensorGel, you won’t have to. SensorGel pillows come with years long warranties, and many offer a 15 year warranty. SensorGel stands by their products and their ability to hold up and do their jobs well, in many cases, longer than a decade!

When presented with the above information, it is clear that SensorGel has a lot more to contribute in terms of variety in pillow choices, innovative technology, competitive pricing, and satisfaction guaranteed for years to come when compared with the MyPillow of infomercials. If you feel yourself being drawn in to overly catchy marketing ploys, make sure to make an educated choice as a consumer and look around at what other pillows are on the market. You will be happy to find out that the multitude of options available to you in department stores and online, like SensorGel pillows, are likely more comfortable and reliable than the MyPillow.