Pressure Relieving Support of Memory Foam Products - SensorGel
Pressure Relieving Support of Memory Foam Products - SensorGel
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Pressure Relieving Support of Memory Foam Products

Pressure Relieving Support of Memory Foam Products

Many consumers turn to memory foam bedding as a solution to their back and neck problems or difficulty getting comfortable at night. Part of the enhanced benefit of memory foam is that it supports the body in a unique way and helps relieve pressure that builds up in our muscles and joints. Recently, bedding manufactures have been able to enhance this unique aspect of memory foam even more deeply by utilizing technology that supports targeted pressure point relief and zoned memory foam. Read on for more on what these terms mean and how they could benefit your sleep.

Pressure Points

Pressure points are located throughout the body and are clusters of sensitive bundles of nerves or muscles, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels that can be used to stimulate areas of the body. Ancient Chinese medicine capitalized on these pressure points to help balance the body and enhance energy flow. Today, modern massage therapy and other types of holistic medicine use pressure points on the body to enhance wellness.

Pressure Point Relief and Bedding

So what do pressure points have to do with memory foam mattresses and bedding? Memory foam with pressure point relief helps stimulate these natural pressure points to create release and relief in areas of tension in the body. Many of us sleep on our backs, and we enjoy the sense of feeling cradled that a memory foam mattress may induce. Part of the reason for this is that the foam is contouring to our body and its needs, applying gentle pressure on the points along our meridian down our back. Similarly, gentle pressure helps release tension in our neck and shoulders, as many of us store our stress here. Memory foam allows the mattress to contour to areas that are not attended to by traditional spring mattresses, further enhancing support and relief.

Zoned Memory Foam Products

Another type of memory foam product on the market are those utilizing zoned memory foam. These products, such as mattresses, allow more customization of the memory foam composition to further increase comfort and support. For example, some mattresses may utilize different types of foam for different “zones” of the body depending on need. Foam offering more pressure relief and support is often utilized for our backs and torsos, while memory foam with enhanced cooling properties in areas of our head and feet can help us sleep cooler throughout the night. Rather than one top layer of the same type of memory foam, these products utilize multiple types of foam customized for areas of the body that may not need the same properties as other areas.

Zoned memory foam products and those offering pressure relief support enhance our ability to sleep well due to increased comfort and support. Each area of our body has unique pressure points and needs, and memory foam products that take these into consideration are hugely beneficial for our bodies and minds.