Night Table Essentials
Night Table Essentials
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6 Night Table Essentials

6 Night Table Essentials


Your bed is a sacred place. It’s where you go for peace, relaxation, and where you eat ice cream while watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Your nightstand is closest to your bed, and in it, on it, or near it, you should only keep things near and dear and essential to you; Here’s 6 night table essentials:


A Good Book

What’s better than binge watching a whole season in one night? Getting lost in a good book before bed. Now, if you’re doing right, the book should change every so often, so that you’re alway immersed in a new story. Put the phone down and pick up a paperback.


A Reading Lamp

Sometimes, you don’t always want the massive amount of light that come from your main fixture. Sometimes, just enough to illuminate a square foot is just enough to set your mood, and put you in prime position to read that new book you just bought.


A Snack

While you can’t keep ice cream in your nightstand (now, wouldn’t that be something if it had a built in freezer), you can hide a little temptation in your nightstand. Got a favorite candy, or type of cookie. Stash a couple in there, for whenever you feel a sweet tooth coming on, but don’t have the energy to march to your pantry.


Essential Oils

To calm you down, to relieve you of that headache, to help you sleep, people swear by essential oils. They’re all the rage right now, and available pretty much anywhere. Some of our favorites are lavender and eucalyptus.


A Glass of Water

Remember, staying hydrated is the key to, well pretty much everything, but especially having a good night’s sleep. It can help keep your eyes from looking puffy, and if you indulged in a few cocktails earlier in the evening, it’ll help with the boring after too.


A Journal

We’re sure you’ve heard this advice before, but it’s good to write down your thoughts. If you can, write in a journal, everyday if possible. We favor night over morning, because you can sort of destress and let all your thoughts out so you can  sleep with a clear mind.


We’re sure you’ve got some more room in your night table than for just these night table essentials. Tell us about what you have to have at you bedside.