How To Sleep Better While Traveling - SensorGel
How To Sleep Better While Traveling - SensorGel
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How To Sleep Better While Traveling

How To Sleep Better While Traveling

The Holiday Season is one of the biggest travel times of the year. With an improved economy, travel statistics are up at the highest level since 2005 for this holiday season. It is highly likely that most people in the United States will travel by plane or by car this holiday season, contributing to higher degrees of stress that Americans face during the holidays. Nearly 25% of Americans report feeling “extreme stress” around the holiday season, and more than half of Americans are stressed by time and financial expectations and obligations surrounding the holiday time of year.  Because the travel can add stress to an already stressful time of year, it is even more important (and more difficult) to get restorative sleep during November and December. If you’re going to be traveling or are just feeling that extra stress of the holidays creeping in, check out these sleep tips to help you be the best you this Holiday Season:

1. Stick with your schedule – Being in a place that isn’t your home is likely to mess with your schedule – you might stay up too late catching up with family members or get awoken rather early by a pet or child that isn’t your own! As best you can, try to adhere to your usual bedtime and wake time sleep routine while traveling. Your body is most accustomed to your usual schedule, and sticking to it can help ensure that you get enough hours of rest per night and help make it easier for you to fall and get asleep.

2. Limit alcohol intake – The holidays bring lots of cause for celebration, but this holiday season, try to limit your alcohol consumption if you’re seeking a good night’s sleep. Alcohol is a REM sleep inhibitor, meaning you will not sleep as deeply if you overindulge and will wake up feeling less rested than you would have on a typical morning.

3. Exercise – As we travel, it’s less likely that we will keep up with our exercise routines. If you do a lot of sitting around during your family holidays, adding a brisk walk or light exercise into your day can help make your body more tired and ready for bed at your usual bedtime.

4. Peace and quiet – Depending on your family, quiet may be hard to find during your holiday vacation, but allowing yourself a quiet environment to catch some zzz’s will help you fall asleep and sleep through the night. If you stay in a hotel, request a room on an upper floor and preferable not near the elevators, which can be noisy and bring people by your room at all hours of the day and night.

5. Regulate the room temperature – Studies have shown that the ideal room temperature conducive to sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. Regulating your room temperature with a fan or thermostat can lead to improved sleep while traveling.

6. Bring your favorite sleep product along – maybe you have a favorite pillow that you just can’t sleep without, or maybe you are dependent on an eye mask to get or stay asleep. No matter what your go to is, it may be beneficial to you to bring it along if possible on your travels. The familiarity and comfort of your usual sleep habits and needs can go a long way in helping you experience a good night’s rest out of your normal routine and bed.  In addition to your favorite SensorGel bed pillow, you may also consider one of our travel accessories built for easy packing and optimal comfort while you’re “On-The-Go”

No matter where your holiday excursions take you or how you get there, remember to help your body achieve the best night’s sleep possible for optimal functioning and reduced stress during a stressful holiday season. The above tips can help you recharge, combat fatigue, and learn how to sleep better on vacation.