How to Fight Workplace Fatigue
How to Fight Workplace Fatigue
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How to Fight Workplace Fatigue

How to Fight Workplace Fatigue

workplace fatigue

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon. You’re at your desk, on your third cup of coffee for the day, yet you still have to fight off the urge to take a nap. This is an all too familiar feeling that most people get during the period of time right after lunch. Fear not; here are a few ways to combat workplace fatigue.

Just Say No to Sugar

How much are you putting in your coffee? Think twice before adding an extra spoon of the sweet stuff. While the sugar can work in tandem with the caffeine to give you an energy boost, the crash from the sugar will make you feel worse than before. It’s not just the sugar from the coffee, but from soft drinks and junk food you might be consuming at work.

Reach for Healthy, High Energy Snacks

Nuts, Fruits, Seeds. The snacks you can easily eat while at your desk, and you’ll be giving your body something good for it, while still getting that energy boost to stave off that afternoon slump. When it comes to drinks, try brewing some tea and adding honey in place of sugar.

Don’t Have A Huge Lunch

Sure, on the way to lunch, you feel like you could eat a horse. Then you do, and you come back regretting it, as you sit in a food coma until 5 in the afternoon. That burger, fries, and soda aren’t doing you any favors either. Have a healthy, nutritious lunch in a carefully sized portion.

Be Active

Sitting in a stuffy chair in a cubicle staring at a computer screen all day can take its own toll on you. Make sure to take breaks to hydrate, get a snack, or to just stretch your legs a little. See if your workplace can install one of those sit-to-stand desks that are becoming increasingly popular. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or use part of your lunch break to take a walk.

Stimulate the Mind

Sometimes, the job can get boring or repetitive, which makes the idea of taking a nap even more enticing. Have something nearby to help you not fall into that hole, whether it be a puzzle, brain teaser (sudoku maybe?), or the like. Also, look deeper into your work and see something that you can make a challenge out of, and set a goal; this should do a better job of keeping you engaged.

Are there any tricks or tips that you do in the middle of the day to fight workplace fatigue? Let us know about them.