How to Clean A Mattress Topper Guide - SensorGel
How to Clean A Mattress Topper Guide - SensorGel
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How to Clean A Mattress Topper Guide

How to Clean A Mattress Topper Guide

So you’ve chosen to up your bedding game by adding a memory foam topper… but how do you clean it? Memory foam is relatively new to the bedding industry, and many do not know the proper or best ways to ensure clean memory foam. Regular cleaning of a memory foam topper can reduce the number of allergens, dust mites, and bacteria that build up in memory foam over time and can make us sick. It is recommended that you clean your memory foam topper at least once per year. This is not a difficult process, but it can be time consuming, so make sure to plan accordingly and set aside a full day for the cleaning and drying process. See below for steps to clean a memory foam topper:

General Info and Getting Started

Memory foam cannot be placed in the washing machine! All cleaning of memory foam products needs to be done by hand because memory foam cannot be submerged in water. The first step you need to take is readying the materials you need to clean the topper. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment, fabric cleaner, water, and a spray bottle are the basics you will need to conduct this process. Begin by taking the topper off of the bed and placing it on a hard surface. You may wish to place a tarp under the topper to protect your floors. As you place the topper on the floor, you may wish to shake it out to remove any debris sitting on top of the topper.

Vacumming and Cleaning Your Topper

Step 1 of the cleansing process is vacuuming your topper. Use a handheld vacuum or attachment if possible and use circular motions to clean the entire surface of the topper. If you do not notice any odors or stains that require attention, mix a gentle fabric detergent with warm water in the spray bottle using a two part water to one part detergent ratio. Spray the mixture on the entire topper making sure not to soak the topper.

Final Steps

Once the top of the topper has been cleaned, flip the topper over and spray the backside just as you did the other side. Again, be sure not to soak the topper. Let the topper dry fully before you vacuum detergent or residue from the surface of the topper. It can take up to 24 hours for the memory foam to dry completely, so be patient before you place it back on the bed.

Removing Stains and Odors

Stains and odors are common occurences when it comes to bedding. If you find a stain or odor on your topper, don’t fret! In the case of a stain, blot the area with water and add boric acid. Wait 15 minutes and blot the stain again with water, being careful not to soak the topper. If the stain persists, repeat the process with a high powered fabric stain remover as needed. In the case of odors, sprinkle the topper with baking soda after cleaning it using the above steps. It is recommended that you leave the baking soda on the topper for 5-8 hours or more for maximal effect. Once wait time is completed, vacuum the baking soda and enjoy your fresher memory foam topper!

If you have a memory foam topper, make sure to provide it the care and cleaning that it needs on a regular basis! Regular cleaning using the steps above helps the topper stay more fresh and elongates the lifespan of your memory foam topper. Remember to never place memory foam in the washing machine or dryer!