10 Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Everyday Items
10 Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Everyday Items
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10 Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Everyday Items

10 Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Everyday Items


It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Alright, well maybe not everyone’s favorite, the holidays are pretty great, but halloween has got costumes, and movie marathons, and ghost stories, and of course candy. While all of those things are amazing, it can be a little tricky (or treaty . . get it?), figuring out your costume. Maybe you aren’t creative or are ballin’ on a budget or just a procrastinator; if so, here’s 10 halloween costumes you can make from things laying around in your house.


1. Tourist

Still got that Cancun t-shirt from your last vacation there? Good. Pair it with a gaudy pair of sunglasses and oversized hat. Accessorize with binoculars or a camera around your neck, and you’ll be the tourist that everyone wishes wasn’t on their excursion. Important: don’t forget to apply sunscreen.


2. Zombify Last Year’s Costume

Don’t want to be the same exact thing as last year? Zombify it. Add some zombie makeup and a couple tears to your 2015 costume and you’re done. It’ll be like you were in the last season of the hottest zombie show on tv (why Glenn? why?).


3. Risky Business

This might just be the laziest costume ever. White long sleeve button down and a pair of those giveaways shades. Oh, and don’t forget the long tube socks. The hardest part about this costume is probably perfecting the slide.


4. Scarecrow

Put on your favorite plaid shirt, jeans and boots. Get one of those extra wide hats, and stick some straw up under there. There yo go, you’re now a scarecrow.


5. Greek Goddess

Toga! Toga! Toga! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. This one is as easy as slinging a white sheet around you (and making sure it’s secure) and crafting one of those cool crown thingys with leaves.


6. Jellyfish

This on requires a little more creativity. If you’ve got an umbrella, solid white or black works best. That’ll be the body of the jellyfish and where you’ll be under it in a matching outfit. The stingers can be made out of any long, flowy material you may have on hand: ribbon, cut-up fabric, bubble wrap, even toilet paper if you’re desperate. Pro tip: don’t use toilet paper.


7. Vamprie

Put that makeup bag, and all-black closet to good use. Add make up so it looks like you haven’t seen the sun in years, and embellish a few streams of fake blood on your lip. Go all out with crazy colored contacts if you can. Pair it with an outfit that features black, black, and more black, and you’re setting the mood. This one can be played either sexy, or downright scary.


8. Big Ol’ Baby

Nows the time to wear that onesie you’re embarrassed to let everyone know you owned. Tie up some pigtails and walk around with an overstuffed animal from a forgotten valentine, and you’ve got the part, kid.

9. Make-Your-Own Superhero

Those old sheets you got laying around can easily become a cape. With a little arts and craft sash, you’ll have powers in no time. Pro tip: cut out an eye mask from the matching pillowcases, to keep your true identity concealed, of course.

10. Classic Ghost

This one is so old school, it’s now got that retro-cool, hipster type of vibe. Its says you tried, but not too hard, and that’s cool. Boo!


Any other ideas? Give us a shout.