8 Steps To Transform Your Guest Room - SensorGel
8 Steps To Transform Your Guest Room - SensorGel
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8 Steps To Transform Your Guest Room

8 Steps To Transform Your Guest Room

The holiday season is upon us. This is a time of year meant to be enjoyed with family and close friends. It’s also a time of year that can be incredibly hectic for you as a host. More often than not, the first thing that gets squeezed out of your schedule is updating your guest room which you probably haven’t spent any time on since the last holiday season. Don’t let this happen! Your guests are relying on you to make their stay comfortable. Here are the easiest ways to add a sense of luxury to that spare bedroom before the holiday rush arrives.


Declutter Your ClosetTip #1 – Clean Out The Spare Closet

To create a guest room that is inviting and cozy for your guests, start by decluttering and cleaning out the bedroom’s closet. While it might not be practical for everyone to leave their extra closet completely empty, it is important to leave space for your guests to feel welcomed and invited to unpack. Closet organization systems, baskets and bins, and added shelves are easy ways to maximize space and provide space for your visitors to settle in.


Add A Mattress TopperTip #2 – Add New Life To Your Spare Mattress

Let’s be honest: the guest room mattress probably wasn’t your biggest splurge. Rather than replacing your mattress entirely, you can add an extra layer of comfort by placing a mattress topper over the bed. Memory foam technologies have advanced in recent years, meaning that a foam topper no longer means a hot and sweaty sleep. Many memory foam toppers now feature personal climate technologies that will help your guests stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Add extra blanketsTip #3 – Store Extra Blankets By The Bed

Everyone’s comfort levels are different. Adding a basket with a few extra throw blankets is an easy way to help your guests reach optimal comfort without feeling like they are burdening you with a request for another layer of bedding. Placing the extra blankets in a basket by the bed will help create a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.


Create a tech havenTip #4 – Create A Tech Haven

Provide technical ease for your guests by having the Wi-Fi password clearly visible. You can also go the extra mile by providing wireless charging stations or universal phone chargers that are easy for your guests to access when they arrive at their room. It will save the hassle of having to unpack to find their cords and their devices are likely going to be low on battery after their travels to get to you.



Add waterTip #5 – Sprinkle In Some Snacks

There’s no need for a full minibar, but for guests who have been traveling to reach your home, it is always a nice touch to have a few bottles of water and light snacks waiting for them in their room. This will save them from having to sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night for something to drink. You can add a small assortment of refreshments to help your visitors feel right at home.



Switch up your pillowsTip #6 – Offer Some Pillow Variety 

Personal comfort is subjective and highly dependent on your go-to sleep position. Each of your guests will have a different preference for sleep posture and one style of pillow is not guaranteed to provide comfort for everyone. Try mixing-and-matching pillow fills and densities so that everyone has a chance for a comfortable night’s rest. You might add a blend of firm and medium-density fiberfill pillows to the bed and store a memory foam pillow or two in the closet so that guests who need that extra cradling support can easily find a good night’s sleep in your home.

Work in white noiseTip #7 – Work In Some White Noise

It is hard for some people to fall asleep in a silent room. A small bedside fan or white noise machine is a considerate addition to help your guests achieve restful sleep. Studies have shown that some sleepers can fall asleep up to 38% more quickly when utilizing soft background noise. Ultimately, this does come down to personal preference and might be something not all of your guests choose to engage with. A fan is also a good choice in the event that your visitor may require help finding their ideal temperature in your home.


Use living plantsTip #8 – Add a Pop of Green

Adding greenery to a sleeping space has numerous physical and mental benefits. You might take time to find plants that represent the holiday you are celebrating, but it’s also a great idea to add plants that can thrive year-round. Experiment with ivy or pothos plants for pops of green that can sustain through every season. You can also add a simple vase with a fresh bouquet to welcome your guests for their stay.