Best Teas For Bedtime
Best Teas For Bedtime
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Best Teas For Bedtime

Best Teas For Bedtime

Ahh . . . hot tea. There’s nothing like it, unless you’re a coffee person (which in that case, read this post). Tea is soothing, relaxing, and warms you right up; it’s perfect for getting you ready for bed. Of course, some teas are caffeinated and better suited for mornings (hence English breakfast tea), while others cater to the nightcap crowd. We’ll address the early bird teas another time, but here’s a handful of herbs that are ideal to help you get a good night’s rest, and to try in your teas for bedtime.




One of the most common tea ingredients, Chamomile is often found as a standalone tea, paired with star anise, or found in virtually every sleep-focused tea blend. It’s naturally decaffeinated (just like every item in this list), and is well-known around the world for it’s reputation of relaxing nerves and muscles.



There’s no denying that just the scent of lavender is soothing. In fact,  research shows that inhaling its scent producing calming and sedative effects; perfect for bedtime. It can be found in many nighttime teas, as well as in the form of an essential oil, which can added to a bath or massaged onto skin.



This herb, or actually it’s root, is known for its ability to help combat insomnia and anxiety. More potent than the likes of those above, it’s shown to reduce sleep latency (a fancy term from the time of full wakefulness to sleep), and is often recommended for those who battle sleep disorders.



St. John’s Wort

Actually more pleasing than it sounds, St. John’s wort can help with a myriad of issues. It’s commonly used as an anti-depressant, to help with anxiety, and has even been used to try and quit smoking; it’s doesn’t mix well with some medications though (so read the labeling). Also, it’s sensitive to the sun, so it’s effects can be nullified if it, or the users is exposed to full sunlight, making this a legit night time remedy.


Have any other teas for bedtime that you like to drink? Share them with us below.