Best Hotel Rooms to Sleep In All Day
Best Hotel Rooms to Sleep In All Day
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Best Hotel Rooms to Sleep In All Day

Best Hotel Rooms to Sleep In All Day


For all intents and purposes, Summer is here. That means sun, beaches, and vacation . . . . hopefully. For those who consider sleeping in as one of their hobbies, we scoured the internet for the most inviting hotel accommodations, using a criteria of “how good would it be to sleep in here”; these are some of the best hotel rooms from around the country that are on our wish list.



Aria Resort and Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada)

We all know that the best things in Vegas happen at night (as well as what happens there, stays there), so this is one of the best cities to enjoy sleeping in without missing out. Aria is known for having some of the most comfortable beds in the business, according to Foursquare users, making it a great place to sleep off the night of partying, gambling, and whatever else you’ve done in Sin City.



Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, California)

We’re not sure we want to sleep in at this place, but we do want to spend all day in bed enjoying the stunning views. Post Ranch Inn is an intimate hotel (offering only 40 suites), in a serene setting. To enjoy this place though, be ready to plunk down some serious cash, because even the least expensive rooms start at $825 a night.



The Setai Miami Beach (Miami, Florida)

What’s better than waking up in the morning with a view of the ocean? Sleeping in all morning and waking up at 12:00 in the afternoon with a view of the ocean. While it would be great to wake up and watch the sunrise, we’ll get our beauty rest first, and then catch the sunset later.



Amangiri (Canyon Point, Utah)

If you’re not much of a beach person, maybe you’d find yourself more at home in a dessert setting. Amangiri is perhaps the most unique option on our list, as the hotel has a minimalist style, putting all the focus on it’s natural surrounding. Some say you can’t put a price on happiness, but if this view makes you happy, be prepared to shell out over a thousand dollars per night.


four seasons lanai 2Four Seasons Lanai (Lanai City, Hawaii) 

We couldn’t make this list and not put somewhere in Hawaii, or a Four Seasons on it. Luckily the Four Seasons Lanai accomplishes both, offering gorgeous tropical views and world renowned service. Just image being in bed and enjoying the cool breeze, we can’t think of anything better.


Have you ever had the pleasure of staying at any of these luxurious accommodations? If so we’re totally jealous, but if not let us know of any places that you think should be on this list of best hotel rooms.