Random Benefits of Sleeping Well
Random Benefits of Sleeping Well
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8 Random Benefits of Sleeping Well

8 Random Benefits of Sleeping Well

Of course if you sleep well, you’ll be more productive and have more energy throughout the day and yadda yadda yadda. Those are the obvious benefits of sleep; but what about the not so obvious benefits of sleeping well? See eight of them below:

1. Lower Doctor’s Bill – People who score high on a “sleepiness scale” use 11% more healthcare resources than people who are well-rested. Who knew sleeping could save you money.

2. It Helps Prevent the Common Cold – With less sleep, a weakened immune system makes you much more likely to catch a cold. When researchers exposed a group of people to the cold virus, those who had been sleeping fewer than 7 hrs/night were nearly 3x more likely to catch the virus.

3. Better Looking Skin – Poor sleep is associated with chronic skin conditions. Some research shows that poor sleep, depression, anxiety, and chronic skin problems all go together. So really, get your beauty sleep.

4. It Curbs Cravings – Get enough sleep and you’ll have better energy, which means your body will crave food less.

5.Helps You Build Muscle – While you sleep, your body is repairing the muscles you worked out at the gym. Faster recovery means you’ll be better prepared for the gym the next time. Sleep well on a consistent basis and you’ll be doing your muscles a favor.

6. Have More Sex – Lack of sleep can lower your libido, while getting enough sleep keeps testosterone levels healthy, which boosts sex drive in males and females.

7. Live Longer – Studies have shown that people who average more sleep throughout their lives tend to live longer than those who sleep less. We’d say that’s a pretty good benefit.

8. Better Memory – Got a poor memory? Your lack of sleep could be the culprit. Studies show that while we sleep, our brains process memories from that day. If you sleep poorly, those memories might not get stored correctly, and can be lost.

And that’s just a few random benefits of sleeping enough.