At-Home Activities To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine - SensorGel
At-Home Activities To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine - SensorGel
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At-Home Activities To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine

At-Home Activities To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine

As the coronavirus quarantine continues, many parents across the nation are scrambling to find more fun and educaitonal activities to do with their kids. While it’s easy to have screen time creep up during self-isolation, many parents are trying to spend more time with their children and decrease time spent playing video games and watching TV. Each day can feel monotonous, but planning particular family activities can help differentiate the days and give parents and children alike things to look forward to. Read on for a few creative and easy ideas of at-home quarantine activities for kids.

1. Set Up a Treasure Hunt

What kid doesn’t love looking for treasure? Designate 10-20 items as “treasure” to be hidden around your house or yard. Difficulty can be added by having kids answer riddles, math questions, or trivia questions for clues that point towards where the treasure is hidden. If your kiddos are interested in pirates, dressing up and making a pirate hat out of paper can make this activity even more fun!

2. Bake Something

Kids enjoy using their hands to create in the kitchen, and, most of the time, they’re not as interested in what is being made as they are in the journey of baking whatever the item is. Though it may seem simple to adults, baking rreinforces skills and concepts such as measuring, food groups, and, of course, patience.

3. Watch a Live Stream

There’s a live stream out there for every family! Streams like the daily one from the Cincinnati Zoo’s Facebook page help kids learn about animals, the environment, and different habitats. Additional streams include concerts, reading children’s books, and more! A simple online search yields hundreds of fun and creative results. This may be screen time that parents can feel good about!

4. Build a Pillow Fort

Building a pillow fort can bring back fond memories in parents from their own experiences growing up. Building a pillow fort can help tap into kids’ creativity and imaginations and help them learn concepts about balance and spatial awareness. For the ultimate strong and comfy fort, opt for memory foam pillows to up your fort game.

5. Write a Letter

Your child may want to write to a relative, friend, teacher, or imaginary friend. This is a great exercise to practice writing, spelling, and grammar, but it also helps your kids maintain social connections. Connecting to others is incredibly important during quarantine, and who doesn’t love receiving a hand-written letter?

6. Paint a Flower Pot

Painting a flower pot allows children of all ages to get in touch with their inner artist and tap into their creativity. Using paintbrushes helps develop fine motor skills. After the paint has dried, why not put the flower pot to work and plant something in it? Children love to watch things grow, and having to water the plant can help teach responsibility.

No matter what activities you choose to do, quarantine can be an important time to families in deepening connections and collaborating to learn and try new things. What will your family learn during this time?