Nine Tips to Stay Cozy This Winter
Nine Tips to Stay Cozy This Winter
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Nine Tips to Stay Cozy This Winter

Nine Tips to Stay Cozy This Winter

So far this winter, much of the country has faced mother nature’s wrath. Meanwhile, we’re all holed up in our homes trying to stay cozy (with the help of fireplaces and hot cocoa). Still, when you’re in bed, you want to stay warm, without jacking up the heat and then regretting it come time to pay the bills. Here’s a dozen tips to stay cozy this winter:


Focus on the Feet

The first thing you should do to keep your body warm is to make sure no heat escapes through your feet. Double up on socks or wear those thick cabin socks. Fuzzy slippers if you have to.


 Turn on the Fan

You might be scratching your head at this one, but remember warm air rises. To push that warmer air back down, set you ceiling fan to it’s slowest setting. Don’t set it too fast, then you’ll just make it feel colder.


Get the Right PJ’s

While that lacy number might look good on you, it’s not helping you stay warm at night. Cooler nights are perfect for fleece and oversized pajamas. Heck, if you want to take things seriously, you can invest in an adult onesie pajama. Just make sure that aren’t any witnesses.


Use a Hot Water Bottle

They aren’t just for use when you’re sick or injured. Put a hot water bottle in your pillowcase for a few minutes before you go to sleep, or on your bed on the side that your body will make contact with. A heating pad would also work great for this.


Sleep in Layers

Just as they say dressing in layers keeps you warm outside, sleeping in layers will keep you warm while you sleep. Whether its layers of clothes or layers of blankets, pack ’em on. We’d say a fleece blanket under your comforter should do the trick.


Block Drafts from Doors

You know that gap between the bottom of your door and the floor. Well that lets in the cold air in the winter (and warm air in the summer). Block it with a draft stopper, of if you’re crafty you can make one with a pool noodle and fabric.


Drink Up

Hot tea, hot cocoa, mulled wine. Anything hot will raise your internal body temperature and signal to your body that it’s time for bed. Plus, who doesn’t love hot cocoa? Be careful on the wine though, too much and you’ll be dehydrated.


Program Your Thermostat 

For a lot of us, there’s a temperature we’re comfortable at during the day, which is different from maybe a warmer temperature around bedtime. Set your thermostat so that an hour or so before bedtime, it starts warming up your living space.


Get Moving

Energy produces heat, so when all else fails, get your body moving. Stretching, yoga, or light exercises before bed will naturally raise your body temp. Downward dog, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.


Do you use any of these methods or have any other (family friendly) ways you keep warm at night? Share them in the comments below.