Things to Do as Soon As You Wake Up
Things to Do as Soon As You Wake Up
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7 Things to Do as Soon As You Wake Up

7 Things to Do as Soon As You Wake Up

When you wake up, do you reach helplessly for the snooze button? Drag yourself to the bathroom only to be blinded by the bathroom light. Let’s face it, not everyone is a morning person. Here’s 7 things to do as soon as you wake up, that will help with that.

1. Stretch

If you wake up feeling all achy, you might need to do more than just an outstretched arms morning yawn. Get on your feet and touch your toes. Swing those hips. Stretch out from your shoulders to your elbows to your wrists.


2. Record Your Dreams

If you’ve ever woken up from a weird dream (or nightmare), the first thing you do is realize how bizarre the details were. Don’t worry about it though, you’ll usually forget most of your dream by the time you head out the door. Unless, you write down your dreams. It could get your brain going in the morning, and can be some really comical reading later on.


3.  Exercise

You’re already stretching, why not just go outside for a full-on run. OK, maybe you don’t have to go running per se, but getting a solid workout in the morning has been proven to benefit the rest of your day, and your overall health.


4. Read, Listen to something inspirational

This one can be done in the shower, or even while you’re still in bed. Get inspired in the morning, and get a little pep in your step. Whether it’s reading a few pages of the book you’re currently engulfed in, listen to a motivation speaker, or even watching one of many insightful TED Talks.


5. Have a healthy, nutritious breakfast

Other than maybe working out, this one is so difficult because its so time-consuming. Getting a fresh, healthy breakfast is tricky, but doing some meal prep the night before might help. Cut up fruit, have a healthy to-go snack packed and ready. Wake up just 10 minutes earlier to allow you to make a quick hot breakfast.


6. Make Your Bed

If you make your bed everyday, bravo! If you don’t, well then you’re like the rest of us. Even though you might hate it now, it can make all the difference coming home to a clean, made up room. Make it a game, see how many time’s you can make it in a row. If you complete a whole week, treat yourself.


7. Check Your Mattress

Did you sleep well? Have you slept well the past couple months? If not, you may want to take a good hard look at your mattress and see if it could be an issue. Have back soreness or aching? Maybe it’s gotten too soft. Regularly wake up with a sore neck? The pillow may be to blame. Either way, SensorGEL has got some solutions to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.


Now, we aren’t saying that following all these steps will make you a morning person, but it wouldn’t hurt.