Restful Tips for A Road Trip
Restful Tips for A Road Trip
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6 Restful Tips for A Road Trip

6 Restful Tips for A Road Trip


There’s nothing quite like a road trip. Whether you’re going up/down or east/west, there’s something about that extended time on the open road that feels great. Now, if you’re on a cross country road trip, there’s going to be times you’re going to want to get some shuteye, either on the road (provided you’re not the only one driving) or at roadside hotel. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to make sure you make the most of your rest so you’re ready for the the next day’s drive. Here are 6 restful tips for a road trip.


1. Bring your Pillow

If you’re particular about your pillow, bring the one from home with you. That’s the great thing about road trips vs. flying. you can pack so much more. Even if you stop at a hotel, the pillows may not be to your liking, and you’ll have a piece of home with you.


2. Make Sure to Bring the Essentials

You want to be as comfortable as possible during a long road trip, whether you’re awake or trying to sleep.  Keep a cooler with water and drinks, maybe some snacks to fight those hunger attacks. Don’t forget some good music and a new podcast.


3. Sit in the Back Seat

If it’s someone else’s turn to drive, and you don’t have to dutifully fill the role of co-pilot, unwind in the backseat. Some cars are even wide enough to accommodate laying out (or at least somewhat). Just try not to be a backseat driver.


4. Don’t Always Pick the Cheapest Motel

Unless you’re on a strict budget, those amazing room rates you see on the interstate might too good to be true, and sometimes they are. A no-name motel just wants as many one-tim visits as possible. A name-brand hotel has a reputation to uphold, and if it doesn’t offer clean rooms and good service, that may affect how you view all there other locations.


5. Tune Out the Light and Noise

Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to catch some shuteye during the day. In that case, bring along a sleep mask and maybe some earplugs to drown out the road noise (or the awful music the driver is listening to).


6. Bring People You Can Tolerate

This one might be a little tricky, but make sure you’re on the road with people you can stand being on the road with. If you don’t know for sure, go on a road trip with them and you’ll find out pretty quickly. Also, if you think you can manage, go at it alone; there’s not many ways to learn more about yourself than going on a trip solo.


Got any tips for a road trip that helps you rest. Let us know about em!