5 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable - SensorGel
5 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable - SensorGel
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5 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

People all over the world are spending more time at home these days, and many are adapting to working from home. From makeshift office setups to more elaborate home offices, you may be looking for ways to make this area of your home where you are spending a good deal of time more comfortable and inviting. Studies show that our environment influences our moods and productivity, so it makes sense that spending a little time, effort, and money to spruce up your home office would have big returns to your personal and professional life. If your home office is in need of some TLC, keep reading for five ways to bring some comfort into your home working environment.

1. Pay Attention to Your Lighting

Have you ever noticed that your mood can shift if you’re in a dark or dim room? In order to perform our best and be at our most comfortable, it is ideal to work in an environment with plenty of natural light. In our home offices, this isn’t always possible – people are adapting to working in basements, interior rooms without windows, and even closets! If you do not have access to ample natural light in your home work environment, maximize the lighting that you do have. Using overhead lights as well as desk or standing lamps is preferable to keep you focused and comfortable.

2. Keep Organized

Being in a cluttered environment can make our minds feel more cluttered and disorganized, too. Keeping your home office tidy and organized is a great way to enhance your comfort in the space. Knowing where everything you need is can help set your mind at ease so that you can attend to what’s really important in your space – your work! At the end of each work day, take a few minutes to tidy and straighten up your space, no matter how big or small it is. Your future self will thank you!

3. Keep Your Office Space for Work Only

Just as we should strive to use our bedrooms only for sleep, we should do the same (to the extent it is possible) with our home offices. Our brains receive reinforcement when we use a certain space for a set of specific tasks, which can enhance productivity. Moreover, keeping our office just for work tasks helps us maintain work-life balance, which is increasingly fleeting nowadays.

4. Be Mindful of Decor

Is your office space not really “you?” Consider how many hours you are spending in your home office. It’s likely that it’s a good chunk of your week and perhaps even more than it once was. If you’re facing out-of-date decor that isn’t sparking joy, it may be time for a refresh. You will feel most confident and comfortable in a space that feels inviting and authentic to your self-expression. Think about changing paint color, adding an accent wallpaper wall, refreshing your furniture by purchasing new or upcycling old pieces, changing or adding art on the walls, and refreshing the pictures on your desk.

5. Sit Comfortably

As bad as it is for our overall health, the majority of us sit most of the day while we are working. Not communiting to an office or walking down the office hall to grab a snack, speak to a coworker, or use the restroom can cause us to sit even longer than we might if we were in a physical office. For that reason, it is incredibly important that we feel physically comfortable where we are sitting. Adding comfortable seat cushions and lumbar support products can be a great, easy way to boost home office comfort without shelling out too much hard-earned cash. Consider memory foam cushions, supports, and pillows for optimized pressure relief based on your body’s needs and pressure points.

Making some changes to your home office can help you feel more comfortable and productive. Check out the luxury pressure-relieving gel memory foam speciality pillows from SensorGEL available exclusively at Macy’s for optimal support and comfort. The collection includes a memory foam seat cushion, lumbar support pillow, neck pillow, any position pillow and more for you to choose from to customize to your home office comfort needs.