Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger
Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger
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5 Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

5 Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger


If you live in a smaller space, like a one bedroom, a studio, or even a tiny house, one of your main objectives is always to maximize space and make it feel bigger than it is. That can be done through a number of ways by manipulating light, colors, furniture, wall fixtures, as well as some other things. Here’s five ways to make a small space feel bigger.

Get an Island

Alright we don’t mean an actual island, although if you can swing it that would be pretty awesome. We mean a kitchen island, and a mobile one at that. It’s so versatile, not only does it add valuable counter space to a small kitchen, but many of them include added storage and wheels so it can be easily moved. Use it as a bar cart, or a stand up dining table.

Let There be Light

Natural light is perhaps the best way to make a space feel bigger, more open and welcoming. If you don’t have the windows to let in light, that it might turn to a more expensive project. Make sure that the windows you do have are free of anything that could block the light. Use lightly colored shades or curtains so that they don’t absorb the light. Also get creative with artificial lighting, maybe consider some track lighting on the ceiling so that it doesn’t take up any floor or counter space.

Get Creative With Colors

Now, if you don’t own the space, this might require some permission, but if you’re allowed to, brighten up the place with some tasteful paint. Light blues, greens, and yellow that mimic the colors of the sky, grass, and sun really help to make a place feel bigger and more open. On smaller items like napkins or plates, don’t be afraid to go big on color or patterns, it ads brightness and excitement.

Rethink Shelving

A bookcase is a great way to organize not just your books, but other things of a similar size. Also, consider your shelving, whether it be in lounging spaces or the kitchen, and make sure your making the most of your storage. Could you go higher? As in, could you add shelving or storage that doesn’t take up floor space but rather lives higher up on the walls. As you build up, just make sure that everything is still accessible, even with a stool or ladder if it’s for storage you won’t be accessing often.

Think Green

Yes, having a recycling bin will help your impact on the environment. But think green in terms of plants. Add a small house plant on a spare space of shelving. Also think of the word “reuse”. How many things do you own could be reused for something else, whether serving a new purpose or a multipurpose. Can that ottoman act as storage and as a tv dinner table? Can there be storage build under your bed? Be creative.


Do you live in a small space? If there’s tips or tricks that you can share about making a tiny space feel bigger, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.