Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Mattress Topper
Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Mattress Topper
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Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Mattress Topper

Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Mattress Topper

So the general rule for replacing a mattress is to get a new one every eight years or so, which can vary a little depending on the use and quality of the mattress. If you’re starting to think about purchasing a new one, but aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to part with $1,000 or more of your hard-earned money, we suggest you consider getting a mattress topper. Why you may ask? Well, here are 5 reasons.

   1. The Price and the Quality

There’s no real debate on price, a new mattress can run into the thousands, while a quality topper can cost just a fraction of the price. A lot of the high price of a mattress comes from shipping; since its a relatively large and heavy item, it cost a lot to ship and that cost is usually passed along to the consumer. On the other hand, a topper is compact and can be rolled and shipped, saving consumers money in the end. Also, a good topper can make a not so quality mattress feel like a quality one.

    2. The Convenience

One of the biggest pains with buying a new mattress, and we just mentioned it, is shipping and delivery. Sometimes, stores charge extra for delivery, and if you live on anything other than ground level, moving a mattress in and other one out can be a real pain. Toppers offer easy set up and convenience, buy it, take it with you and set it up once you get home. No need to schedule delivery.

    3. It Protects Your Mattress

Maybe your mattress still has some legs left in it, and it could just use a little refresh; putting on a new topper can breathe new life into an old mattress. Also, it acts as a protector for your mattress from things like stains, pet hair, dust mites, or mildew; a plus? It’s a little easier to clean and much less expensive to replace.

   4. It Buys You Time

Wan’t that new mattress with all the bells and whistles but don’t have all the money right now, but you’re not sleeping well now? A topper can make your mattress more comfortable until you’re willing and able to buy a new one. If you anticipate moving in the near future, you can use a topper until then.

   5. It improves Your Sleep

If your mattress has lost its firmness over time, or you prefer a softer mattress now than you did before, a topper can help achieve whatever feel you’re looking for. There are pillow tops that can make a mattress more plush, toppers that can add firmness, and others that have cooling properties for those warm summer nights.


If you’re looking for a good mattress topper, we’d like to think we make some pretty good ones, so check out what we offer, only at Macy’s. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions/comments regarding toppers.