Mistakes You're Making Before Bed
Mistakes You're Making Before Bed
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5 Mistakes You’re Making Before Bed

5 Mistakes You’re Making Before Bed


Brush your teeth, lock the door, turn off the lights; you probably have a routine every night before going to bed. However, there could be a few things you’re doing before you hit the sack that could be affecting your slumber. Here’s 5 mistakes you’re making before bed:


1. Eating Too Late

What time are you eating dinner? If you’re a night owl or working late, you might be eating supper or a late night snack at a time that negatively impacts your sleep.  When you eat, your blood sugar rises; eventually it crashes, and if that happens while asleep it could affect the quality of your Zzz’s.

2. Drinking to Much Caffeine

Just like eating, drinking could have an impact on sleep too. If you’re person that enjoys a cola with dinner or a coffee afterwards, be careful. A study from the Wayne State College of Medicine found that caffeine consumed all the way back as 6 hours before bed affected how a person slept. Now do your own math, and see if your coffee habit might be the cause of poor sleep. Also, don’t forget other things that might have caffeine in it (e.g., dark chocolate, energy bars, non-cola soda).

3. Leting it get too hot/cold

Do you prefer a certain temperature in your home during the day than you do at night? Do you even know your ideal temperature or if you sleep hot/cold? If you wake up in a puddle of sweat everyday, either it’s too warm or your mattress retains heat too well. If you sleep with three blankets in the middle of spring, it’s probably a little too chilly. Find your sweet spot, then program your thermostat to that around an hour before bedtime.

4. Worrying or Being Stressed

It’s not just a saying, don’t ever go to bed upset or mad. Stress is one of the biggest reasons people lose sleep, which in turn can cause more stress, leading to a viscous cycle.  Find something that calms and relaxes you, whether that be yoga, meditation, a hot tea or anything else. Always go to bed in a peaceful state to make sure you sleep well through the night.

5. Working Late

This actually might be the culprit of all but one of the reasons above. If you’re spending late nights at the office, or still answering emails right before bed, you may want to reconsider; what’s more important in the long run is your well-being. Think about how much you value your work, and vice-versa, how much your work values you. Ultimately, to sleep really well you’re going to need a good work-life balance, with an emphasis on life.


Are you making any of these critical mistakes before bed? Don’t, you’ll want to prepare yourself and your body for a good night’s sleep. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.