4 Pointers to Help Battle That St. Paddy's Hangover
4 Pointers to Help Battle That St. Paddy's Hangover
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4 Pointers to Help Battle That St. Paddy’s Hangover

4 Pointers to Help Battle That St. Paddy’s Hangover

Depending on when you’re reading this, you’ll feel very differently. If it’s before the big green day, you might be exited for the holiday’s festivities, but are planning ahead about ways to save yourself from what for many is inevitable, a bad hangover. If you’re reading this the day after, then it might be too late, but not all hope is lost. Here are 4 pointers to help combat that St. Paddy’s Hangover. Hopefully, like a 4-leaf clover, they’ll bring you luck.


1. Drink Green Beer, But Also Drink Clear Water

If your keeping count of how many beers or drinks you’re having, also keep count of how much water you’re drinking. If you can, match the drink to water ration (1:1). This will keep you hydrated as you continue to celebrate without experiencing mass dehydration later in the evening or the morning after. If that plan goes awry, try to drink as much water before going to be bed that night. If you’re 0-2, make sure to have a couple liters ready when you wake up in the morning (or afternoon).

2. Eat Green

We’re not necessarily talking green eggs and ham, although some food is better than no food when you’re drinking. Don’t forget to keep yourself well-nourished as the night goes on. Have a nice-sized meal before you start drinking, and don’t go to bed hungry, it’s better to get some food in your system to soak up some of the excess alcohol. Leafy greens, and other foods rich in potassium are great, as you lose a lot of potassium going to the bathroom due to the diuretic effects of alcohol. Other green things that help? Granny smith apples, Green tea, and coconut/coconut water (hey, the outer shell of a coconut is green).

3. NO Hair of the Dog

We’ve all heard it from someone at some point: the cure to an alcohol-induced hangover is to . . . have another drink. This is a pretty ridiculous idea, not to mention there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this (in earnest there’s very little research done on hangovers). Bloody Marys and mimosas have been touted as the morning drink to help with a hangover, but it really has little to no effect on you. What may help is the tomato juice, spices, and citrus juices from these libations, so if you’re feeling one, make it a virgin.

4. Sleep it Off, or Work it Out

Depending on how bad your hangover is, and your schedule, theres two almost polar opposite ways to help with that hangover. If you’ve got the time, sleep it off (perhaps on a SensorGel!); rest does the body good, and in the case of a hangover its no different. Although another way, if you can manage it, is to exercise. Getting your heart rate pumping can help sweat out the alcohol, but since you’ll probably be dehydrated and possibly lacking nourishment, do this in conjunction with the first two steps. Hopefully, you don’t have to languish in the office tomorrow morning and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus.


These 4 tips can definitely help battle a St. Paddy’s hangover, but it most cases, time is the best medicine. Another route you could go would be to abstain from drinking all together this holiday, but chances are if you read up until this point, you’re not taking that road less traveled.