Three Things to Do Before Getting Out of Bed
Three Things to Do Before Getting Out of Bed
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Three Things to Do Before Getting Out of Bed

Three Things to Do Before Getting Out of Bed

Do you ever wake up just enough to hit the snooze button to get in a few more minutes? Then,  do you just lay there, stalling for as long as you possibly can until you have to get up and do whatever it is you do? That’s a lot of us, but believe it or not, there are a few things you can do before you come out from under the covers and set your feet on the floor. Here’s 3 things to do before getting out of bed.

Write down 3 reasons you’re thankful

Start off the day right with some positive thoughts. Have a journal/diary on your nightstand, and everyday when you wake up, jot down three things you’re tankful for. Are you in good health? Have a secure job? Strong support system from family/friends? It can as significant as these things, or as simple as being thankful that it’s a warm spring day, that your boss is out of the office, or that your favorite show is streaming new episodes on Netflix ;). Remember, enjoy the little things.

 Stretch it out

Yea, sure. Maybe you stretch after you’re already up, or when (if) you do a morning workout, but there nothing quite like doing a full on body stretch in bed. Stretch out your legs long and your arms behind you; move your head from side to side, stretching out you neck and back . Yawn. Stretch your fingers and your toes, as well as your facial muscles. Take a couple of big deep breaths and let out a sigh of relief. Just imagine you’re a bear waking up from hibernation, and stretch like that in your bed everyday.

Have a glass of water

It seems like we don’t drink enough water these days, and live in a state on constant dehydration; remember, if you’re thirsty, that means you’re already dehydrated. Prep the night before and have a water bottle next to you (along with the journal!), and make drinking a few gulps the first thing you do. This will help to get your body going; don’t forget it hasn’t had any water in at least eight hours (or however long you slept)!

Drink water. Stretch. Be thankful. Follow these 3 easy steps before getting out of bed, and you’ll feel way better once you actually do manage to get out of bed.